about us

Mul Carmel is a skilled nursing home facility, with over a decade of experience in caring for mentally and physically frail elderly. Situated in the kibbutz of Sha’ar Ha’amakim, Israel and overlooking the beautiful Mount Carmel. Our multidisciplinary care-giving staff is well trained in holistic care for the various medical and psychosocial needs of our residents. Affection, patience, a caring word and gentle smile are our main professional tools. Our goal is to provide the residents and their families a calm and relaxed feeling, secure in the knowledge that they are in reliable and caring hands, emphasizing respect and dignity, and receiving the best possible care.

The multidisciplinary staff at “Mul Carmel” includes: doctors specializing in Geriatric medicine, qualified nurses – also specializing in Geriatric care, qualified nursing aides, a physical therapist, a social worker, an occupational therapist, recreational therapists and a nutritionist. Cosmetic service providers (hairdresser, pedicurist) come regularly to the nursing home.

Within the “Mul Carmel” n
ursing home there are two wards: a ward for mobile persons suffering from dementia and a ward for wheelchair- bound persons. The two wards are on 2 different floors with separate entrances. Both wards are especially designed for the benefit of our residents, with a calm and relaxing atmosphere, supplemented by a varied recreational program. Residents and guests are invited to enjoy our safe, enclosed outdoor garden and walking path, while taking in the beautiful view of Mount Carmel.

The services our residents enjoy include:

  • a medical clinic with a 24/7 nurse on duty in the ward
  • a modern and advanced physical therapy clinic
  • Daily activities in the morning (4.5 hours) and afternoon (2 hours). Including cognitive activities, games, music, arts & crafts, motor activities, a walking club, gardening and pet care.
  • 3 main meals are served daily, as well as 2 snacks between meals
  • Laundry is done daily
  • Each large bedroom unit consists of:
    – Full air conditioning and heating
    – En suite bathroom with a toilet and shower
    – TV & availability of connecting to a private phone line
    – A 24hr calling system.
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